Detailed Instructions - Summer Grants

Please review instructions before completing the application, and refer to them when necessary


February 2, 2016 for Summer 2016 (all application components must be RECEIVED by the date)

Grants must carried out between beginning of June 2016 and end of August 2016.

Where to Send the Application

You must submit all application materials (except official transcripts and the letter of support from host institutions) online. Official transcripts and letter(s) of support (host institution affiliate letter) must be submitted in hard-copy only.

Hard copy materials should be mailed to:

Whitaker International Awards Competition

U.S. Student Programs

Institute of International Education

809 United Nations Plaza

New York, NY 10017

A Complete Application Includes:

  • Application Form
  • Project Abstract (2 sentences)
  • Essay (3 pages maximum)
  • List of Publications
  • Resume
  • Two Letters of Reference
  • One set of Official Transcripts from all Post-Secondary Degree Granting Institutions (one set whether official or unofficial must be submitted online, as well).
  • Letter of Support from Overseas Host Institution


  • Do not use all lower case (vivienne lee) or upper case (VIVIENNE LEE) in completing any section of the application. Use the traditional format (Vivienne Lee).
  • Do not use “NA” in any field. If you have no middle initial, leave it blank.
  • Do not use parentheses, slash marks or dashes in telephone numbers. Instead use spaces to separate numbers, e.g., 212 555 4444.
  • Check your application before submittting and DO NOT have content spillover into other sections. Stay within word/charater limit.
  • Do not staple or tape pages/pieces.
  • Review your draft application to check for completion and to verify that it reads correctly.

Completing the Application

The application must be completed using the online form.

Project Host Country: Multi-country proposals are not acceptable. Applications to Canada will not be accepted.

Mailing Address: Your mailing address MUST be valid until end of the grant. If you need to change your address before or after this date please send an email to

(GPA) Grade Point Average: Please indicate the cumulative GPA for each degree received. ALL GPA's must be listed here on a 4-point scale.

Honors/Awards/Fellowships/Extra-Curricular Activities: Using the space provided (do not attach additional sheets), please list any honors, awards, fellowships and/or extra-curricular activities that you have received or in which you have participated.

Project Title: Please limit the title to a maximum of 12 words.

Abstract: Using the space provided (do not attach additional sheets), provide an abstract of your project proposal.

Proposed dates: The project must take place from June 1 to August 31 for the duration of 8 weeks. For any exceptions, contact the program administrator at

Proposed Host Institution: List the institution/university/organization(s) in the host country with whom you intend to affiliate. You may list up to two in case you are not able to procure placement at your first choice.

Proposed Program: List the program of study (if relevant) that you will pursue at your proposed host institution(s). You can list an alternate should the first option not be feasible.  If you will do an internship, then state "Internship"; if you will do independent research, then state "Independent Research"; if you will work as part of a research team then state "Team Project"; if you will pursue course work, then state "Course Work".

Essays AND fORMS


One essay is required. The essay should describe how the project proposal fits into your current study/research and future career plans as they relate to BME.  Do not exceed the page limit noted. Text should be single spaced using standard 11-12 point font, and 1-inch margins, and submitted through the online application.  Include your name at the top of each page.

Two references are required. It is recommended that all references be from academics or professionals in biomedical engineering or a closely-related field. If you have attended more than one academic institution, references may be included from prior institutions.
For each reference:

  • The reference cover letter must be submitted online through the application form.
  • A letter of recommendation (on institutional letterhead), with substantive information about the applicant, is expected to accompany the cover letter. The letter is uploaded online after completing the recommendation form. 
  • Please note, we will not accept hard copy recommendations in the mail or emailed recommendations. Recommendations are to be submitted only online.

You can use the resume as a document where you list your publications in detail and provide the committee a concise background on your current and previous academic and career experience.


An official transcript from each of an applicant’s degree awarding institution(s) must be submitted, including the current institution. The transcripts should reflect a complete post-secondary academic record.

  • Original transcripts must be mailed in hard-copy, in a sealed envelope, to the Whitaker Program at the above address.

Letter(s) of Support from Host Institution(s)

A Letter of Support from an in-country host institution or supervisor should be submitted on institutional letterhead. However, in the event that you are applying for a degree program where it is not possible to obtain a letter of acceptance by the Whitaker Program’s deadline, then a letter of support from a faculty member within the relevant department at the proposed institution is recommended.

  • Original Letter(s) of Support must be mailed in hard-copy to the Whitaker Program at the above address.

Submitting the Application

  • You cannot complete the electronic application until you have designated references.
  • No hard copy,  faxed or emailed applications will be accepted.
  • IIE cannot acknowledge the receipt of applications or other documents.
  • Once submitted, application materials cannot be returned.


Applicants will be notified of decisions by email by the end of April.

If you must withdraw your application at any point in the competition, please notify IIE immediately.