Please note that you are responsible for coordinating your own travel to and from your home locations to the airport, as well as to and from the airport to/from the hotel.

Make sure to check the weather forecast before departure. April in Hungary is generally windy with quickly changing temperatures, so make sure to pack accordingly.

Airport shuttle bus

The miniBUD airport shuttle is a convenient, fast and favorably-priced transfer service between the Budapest Airport – Budapest city center – Budapest Airport. You can use this service on your own, with your friends and family, or even with a larger group. The shuttle will drop you off at the hotel or address specified in your booking.

You can find more information, including current prices and online booking, at

Public transportation

From 5:00 AM to 00:30 AM, bus number 100E commutes directly between the Budapest Airport and Deak Ferenc Ter in the city center. The hotel is a short 7 minutes walk from the stop. Special airport transfer fee for bus 100E: 900 HUF. Walking route map from Deak Ferenc ter to the hotel:

More information on bus 100E, including prices, stops and ticket purchasing locations at:

From 1:01 AM to 3:31 AM, night bus number 900 operates between the Budapest Airport and the Del-Pesti Autobuszgarazs (South Pest bus garage). You can purchase tickets at the airport from the BKK ticket machines (1 single ticket: 350 HUF, you will need to purchase 2 tickets for the night bus 900 & the connection bus 914A). Take the bus until Bajcsy-Zsilinszky ut and from there change to night bus 914A going in the direction of Hatar Ut M. Take the bus until Deak Ferenc ter, from there, please see the walking route above.

More information on Bus 900:
More information on Bus 914A:

You can find more information about travel to/from the airport at the webpage of Budapest Airport at


The official taxi company at the airport is Fotaxi that has booths located at the exit at Terminal 2A and 2B as well. You can book a taxi at the booth where they will provide an estimate of the price of the trip. You can also call a cab by any of the other taxi companies to pick you up at the airport.
However, beware of taxi drivers approaching you at the airport – only take official taxis.

From 1 September 2013 a new Taxi Decree was introduced in Hungary regulating the price of the taxis at a fixed tariff of 280 HUF/Km (0.95 EUR/Km) in addition to the one-off basic fee of 450 HUF (1.50 EUR) and waiting fee. A ride to the city center should typically cost around 6500 HUF (22 EUR) depending on traffic conditions.

More information on Fotaxi at the airport can be found here:



The official currency of Hungary is the Hungarian Forint (HUF). Currently USD 1 will get you around HUF 250.

Exchange Offices

Exchange offices can be found in abundance around most of the major tourist areas. TIP: If you have the time, shop around to see who has the best rate – and it never hurts to ask for a better one, especially if you're changing a large amount.


Travelers' Cheques are discouraged as they are outdated, problematic and expensive. The simplest and most reliable way of accessing your funds is by debit or ATM card. Most bank machines in Europe are connected to one or more of the major international bank networks. Please check with your bank on fees relating to cash withdrawal or card usage abroad. VISA, MasterCard and American Express widely accepted in many hotels and restaurants, however, please check with each vendor in advance to avoid issues. It is advised to keep cash at hand as well.



The hotel offers complimentary Internet access for the group. There are also plenty of cafes and restaurants that offer free wireless. As long as you're having a coffee or snack they're more than happy to give you the network password (even if it's protected). 



The dress code for the Whitaker Conference in general is business casual. Please avoid wearing jeans and trainers during the conference (except for cultural activities).

Both cultural activities will include walking tours in the city, so please pack walking shoes/umbrellas/raincoats accordingly.