J. Brandon Dixon

Grantee Type:
Home Institution:
Texas A&M University
Host Country, Institution:
Switzerland, Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL)
Project Title:
Quantification of lipid uptake in mesenteric lymphatics
Project Abstract:
While the lymphatic system has been shown to play a crucial role in lipid metabolism through the transport of chylomicrons from the enterocytes of the small intestine into the blood stream, little is known about the mechanisms behind this and the influence of the intrinsic active lymph pump on lipid metabolism. We intend to develop a quantitative model for measuring lipid uptake in mesenteric lymphatics of the mouse and to investigate through this approach the deficiencies of lipid metabolism associated with the ApoE null and Chy mouse model. This work could have profound implications for drug delivery, diabetes, and atherosclerosis to name a few.