Whitaker International Fellows and Scholars Program
This program sends young Biomedical Engineers, anywhere outside the U.S. or Canada for one or more of the following activities:

  • Conducting academic or scientific research in a university or laboratory or
  • Pursuing coursework at an academic institution or
  • Interning at a policy institute, or in an industrial or  non-profit setting
  • Other options are possible

Whitaker Fellows (pre-doctoral) must meet the basic eligibility requirements and must

  • hold a Bachelor’s degree by the beginning date of the grant or
  • Be in or have recently completed a Master’s degree or
  • Be in a PhD program or
  • Be currently employed, with the most recent degree no higher than an MS

Fellows go abroad for one academic year (9-12 months)

Whitaker Scholars (post-doctoral) must meet the basic eligibility requirements and must:

  • Currently have a PhD (within the past 3 years of grant start date) or will be awarded the PhD before beginning  a Whitaker grant.

Scholars go abroad for one semester or up one year (12 months)


The following are not eligible for consideration:

  • Foreign-nationals
  • For Fellows, applicants holding a doctoral degree at the time of application.
  • Anyone who has resided in the host country of the proposed grant project, for more than 6 months prior to grant start date (study abroad experience during undergraduate does not count).  Preference is given to applicants who are proposing to do grant project in a country where they have not had an extensive experience.

Award Benefits
The Whitaker International Fellows and Scholars Program offers a stipend commensurate with the recipient’s experience and expected expenses in the host country.

  • Round-trip international airfare
  • A monthly living stipend to commensurate with cost of living in host country
  • Health & Accident insurance
  • Travel Enhancement Fund
  • Enrichment Seminar in Europe
  • Fellows Only: Tuition (and bench fees) reimbursement, capped at US$10,000 (regardless of country of exchange or exchange rate). Individual reimbursement amounts are determined by the Whitaker Program at the time of grant award (see details).

Additional Grants or SCHOLARSHIPS
You are required to by the grant terms report any additional grants or scholarships that you have been awarded for the same time period as your Whitaker Grant. In most cases, we are able to work with you to ensure that you receive maximum benefits. Failure to report additional grants or funding will result in the revocation of your grant. Duplicate funding is not allowable under your Whitaker Grant. 

Grant Start Date
Awards typically begin between August 1st and October 1st, but may begin as early as July 1 of the competition year, and as late as June 30 of the following year, as long as the start date allows the grantee sufficient time to complete the required grant length requirements. Fellows must complete an academic year length grant; Scholars must complete a semester or year length grant. Grantees cannot be in their host country or host institution for more than 6 months prior to starting the grant (i.e. if you plan to start your grant in the UK on July 1, 2017 and you have already been living there in 2017, you are ineligible).


All applicants should review the detailed instructions on application procedure before beginning the online application.

Applications must be completed and submitted electronically by Tuesday, January 24, 2017.

Supplemental Forms
The below forms are required components of a complete application, and must be submitted online, except as noted.  

  • Nomination by the Dean of a School or Chair of Biomedical Engineering   Note: if your major is not BME, the Chair of your department can provide the Nomination.
  • Resume
  • Three Letters of Reference  in addition to the nomination
  • Foreign Language Report (if applicable)
  • Host Institution Letter of Support*
    A complete application requires a Letter of Support from an in-country host institution or supervisor. This should be submitted on institutional letterhead. However, in the event that you are applying for a degree program where it is not possible to obtain a letter of acceptance by the Whitaker Program’s deadline, then a letter of support from a faculty member within the relevant department at the proposed institution is recommended.
  • Official Transcripts from all degree institutions for both Fellows and Scholars*

*Originals must be submitted in hard copy (please note, original means hard copy that is signed/stamped and not a scanned or emailed version).  We can accept these components together or separately.  The letter must be in a sealed envelope, signed across the flap by the author; each transcript should be forwarded in the envelope in which it was received from the submitting institution.  Mail by the deadline to:

Whitaker International Program
Institute of International Education
809 United Nations Plaza
New York   NY 10017