Concluding Initiative #2 will fund applications to propose, organize, and carry out activities in accordance with the Foundation’s original objective: developing U.S. leaders in the profession of biomedical engineering who are not only superb engineers and scientists, but who will effectively serve and lead the profession with an international outlook.


Recipients on Concluding Initiative #2

VentureWell: Through the rapid creation of a five-continent global consortium with particular focus on the teaching and practice of BME design, VentureWell will expand the number of connections and projects for U.S.-based BME faculty and students. This program will leverage and build on the existing Biomedical Engineering Innovation, Design, and Entrepreneurship Alliance (BME-IDEA) to enable U.S.-based leaders to gain a deeper understanding of new global BME approaches and field opportunities. For more information visit https://venturewell.org/.

Design for the Developing World:
The program will build upon the success of the Whitaker International Fellows and Scholars Program by hosting a two-day enrichment program to highlight biomedical engineering (BME) and design in global contexts. This program aligns with the goal of developing and motivating the next generation of biomedical engineers to think about engineering design from an international perspective. Guest speakers will discuss international engineering innovation and leadership, and team mentors will give participants individual and group-based guidance through design learning. Cultural mentors will provide critical context for the student teams during the program as they work through real-world design challenges. https://engr.udel.edu