Why BME Overseas?

  • Today, leadership and innovation in many fields, including biomedical engineering, happens as much outside the United States as it does within the U.S.
  • Formal and informal biomedical engineering programs have been established in many countries
  • Some of the leading industrial research and development activities are being conducted overseas
  • In addition to providing an enriching experience to emerging leaders in BME, the field as a whole will benefit from the increased interaction of U.S.-educated biomedical engineers with their overseas colleagues

It is becoming more important for U.S. universities to have their science and technology students at all levels, including those in BME, be more familiar with the international aspects of their field. To encourage such interaction, before its closing,The Whitaker Foundation established the Whitaker International Program administered by the Institute of International Education.

How to do BME Overseas?

All Whitaker grantees must establish a host relationship in their country of choice to assist them with/oversee their study or research. A letter of support from host must be included as part of the application for a grant. Click the link below to see where previous Whitaker grantees have worked:
         Current and Former Hosts

At this link is a list of institutions that have indicated their willingness to work with Whitaker grantees.  This list is by no means exhaustive.
         Potential Hosts

Hosts of previous Whitaker grantees are often willing to receive new Whitaker grantees.  When contacting a potential host, it is important to provide them with a copy of your proposed study/research proposal, so that they can determine if they are in a position to assist you and to provide the resources you might need to carry out your project.

Contacting one of the former, current, or potential hosts, does not guarantee a response.  However, the institutions on our lists have agreed to share their information on the Whitaker Program website. In order to facilitate the initial introduction, if you would like to contact one of these hosts, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and we will immediately forward your message to them.

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