Hosts for previous Whitaker grantees are often willing to host future Whitaker grantees. Below is an incomplete list of potential hosts that are willing to take on additional Whitaker Fellows and/or Scholars.

By contacting one of the potential hosts below, there is no guarantee that the host will get back to you (or host you), but they have volunteered to share this information on the Whitaker Program website. If you would like to contact one of these hosts, please let us know, and we will immediately forward your message to them.

If you would like to reach out to other potential hosts, visit our Current and Former Hosts page and Links page.


    Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute, Monash University

    Contact: Mikael Martino, Associate Professor and European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) group leader
    BME Specialties: Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine, Immunoengineering, Biomaterial
    Fellows or Scholars? Both
    Centre for Neural Engineering, The University of Melbourne

    Contact: Jonathan Manton, Professor
    BME Specialties: Neural Engineering, Signal Processing for Auditory/Visual Pathways, Neural Networks
    Fellows or Scholars? Both

    Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation (Queensland University of Technology)

    Contact: Clayton Adam, Associate Professor
    BME Specialties: Orthopaedic biomechanics, Musculoskeletal bioengineering, Bone and Cartilage Tissue
    Fellows or Scholars? Both


    Ghent University

    Contact: Patrick Segers
    Department of Electronics and Information Systems
    BME Specialties: Radiation Physics and Medical Imaging;
    Computational Methods for Patient-Tailored Medicine and Medical Device Design
    Fellows or Scholars?: Both

    Katholieke Universiteit Leuven

    Contact: Jenneifer Patterson, Assistant Professor (former Whitaker Grantee)
    Department of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering
    BME Specialties: Tissue Engineering and Biomaterials
    Fellows or Scholars?: Both

    Contact: Jo De Wachter, Outreach Coordinator
    BME Specialties: Neuroelectronics, In Vitro Diganostics,
    and Nanoparticles and Micro-fluidics for diagnostics and therapeutics
    Fellows or Scholars?: Both


    Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais
    Contact: Estevam Barbosa de Las Casas, Department of Structural Engineering
    BME Specialties: Dental Biomechanics, New Devices for Speech Language Pathologies,
    Solid Mechanics and Orthopedics
    Fellows or Scholars? Both


    Shanghai Jiao Tong University

    Contact: Pete Shull, Assistant Professor
    BME Specialties: Wearable sensing and feedback for clinical intervention,
    Conservative knee osteoarthritis treatments, Stroke Rehabilitation
    Fellows or Scholars? Both


    Ecole Polytechnique (Paris)

    Contact: Abdul Barakat, Professor
    BME Specialties: Bioengineering; Biofluid Mechanics and Transport; Cardiovascular Cellular Engineering
    Fellows or Scholars?: Both

    Ecole Nationale Superieure des Mines de St. Etienne

    Contact: Rosin Owens, Department of Bioelectronics
    BME Specialties: Organic Bioelectronics and Tissue Engineering
    Fellows or Scholars?: Both

    Grenoble Institute of Technology/ MINATEC (GRENOBLE)

    Contact: Catherine Picart, Full Professor and Group Leader
    BME Specialties: Bioengineering; Biophysics; (Nano) Biomaterials; Tissue engineering
    Fellows or Scholars?: Both
    Alum and Current Grantees: Jorge Almodovar

    Institut Curie

    Contact: Matthieu Piel, Team Leader, Department of Subcellular Structure and Cellular Dynamics,
    Systems Biology of Cell Division and Cell Polarity
    BME Specialties: Micro-fabrication for cell biology, including micro-fluids and micro-patterning, biomechanics
    Fellows or Scholars?: Both

    Universite Paris-Sud 11 (Nano Bio Photonics)

    Contact: Niko Hildebrandt, Professor
    BME Specialties: FRET, biosensing, live cell imaging, time-resolved miscroscopy,
    in vitro diagnostics, quantum dots
    Fellows or Scholars?: Both

    Universite Paris Descartes and ParisTech: Arts et Metier Paris Tech/
    ESPCI ParisTech/Mines ParisTech/Telecom ParisTech

    Contact: Barbara Dallez, BME-Paris Master Program Coordinator
    BME Specialties: Bioimaging, Biomechanics, Molecular and Cellular Biotherapies,
    Bioengineering and Innovation in Neurosciences
    Fellows or Scholars?: Both


    European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL)
    Contact: Francois Nedelec
    BME Specialties: Mathematical modelling in cell biology, biomechanics, cell division
    Fellows or Scholars?: Both

    Fraunhofer IAP (Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Polymer Research)

    Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
    Contact: Joerg Lahann, Co-Director of the Institute for Functional Interfaces at KIT
    BME Specialties:  Advanced Polymers and Biomaterials
    Fellows or Scholars?:  Both

    Universität Heidelberg
    Contact: Dr. Joachim Gerke
    BME Specialties: Clinical engineering, Medical Imaging, Biomedical Optics, Organic Electronics, Scientific
    Computing and Radiotherapy
    Fellows or Scholars?: Both


    Network of Excellence for Functional Biomaterials, National University of Ireland, Galway

    Contact: Abhay Pandit, Professor and Director
    BME Specialties: Functional Biomaterials, Tissue Engineering, Nanotechnology, Bio-polymers, Drug and
    Gene Delivery,
    Soft Tissue Repair/Regeneration, Biomaterials in Orthopedic and Neural Applications
    Fellows or Scholars?: Both


    Italian Institute of Technology

    Contact: Pietro Morasso, Senior Scientist
    BME Specialties: Neural control of movement; motor learning; neuromotor rehabilitation; robot training
    Fellows or Scholars?: Both, at least 12 months stay
    Alum and Current Grantees: Devjani Saha

The Netherlands

    Eindhoven University of Technology
    Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    BME Specialities: Orthopaedic Biomechanics, Tissue Engineering, Bioreactors
    Fellows or Scholars?: Both

    Contact: Prof. Ton G van Leeuwen, Chair of the Department of Biomedical Engineering & Physics
    BME Specialties: Biomedical optics:  Vascular Physics, Cardiovascular Hemodynamics, Biomedical and
    Forensic Photonics,
    Medical Imaging,  and Image Analysis
    Fellows or Scholars?: Both

    Alum and Current Grantees: Zenith Acosta Torres, Insitute of Complex Molecular Systems

    University of Amsterdam, Academic Medical Center

    Contact: Prof. Ton G van Leeuwen, Chair of the Department of Biomedical Engineering & Physics
    BME Specialties: Biomedical optics:  Vascular Physics, Cardiovascular Hemodynamics, Biomedical and
    Forensic Photonics,
    Medical Imaging,  and Image Analysis
    Fellows or Scholars?: Both

    University of Twente, MIRA, Institute for Biomedical Technology and Technical Medicine

    Contact: Richard van Wezel, Full Professor, Biomedical Signals and Systems
    BME Specialties: Neural and Motor Systems
    Fellows or Scholars?: Both
    Alum and Current Grantees: Yan Zhao

South Africa

    University of Cape Town

    Contact: Neil Davies, Head Biological Sciences, Cardiovascular Research Unit
    BME Specialties: Cardiovascular Biology
    Fellows or Scholars?: Both
    Alum and Current Grantees: Michelle Sun

    Contact: Dr. Tania Douglas, Director, Medical Imaging Research Unit; Biomedical Engineering Programme
    BME Specialties: Medical Imaging and Image Computing
    Fellows or Scholars?: Both
    Alum and Current Grantees: Samuel Pickerill

    Contact: Thomas Franz, PhD, Associate Professor and Head of Division, Division of Biomedical Engineering
    BME Specialties: Computational biomechanics, cellular mechanobiology, treatment of cardiac diseases
    Fellows or Scholars?: Both
    Alum and Current Grantees: Renee Miller


    Instituto de Neurociencias, UMH-CSIC

    Contact: Miguel Maravall, Ph.D., CSIC Staff Scientist
    BME Specialties: Neural coding; Neural probes for recording and stimulation; fMRI; Deep brain simulation;
    Brain plasticity; Sensory transduction;
    Computational modelling of sensory pathways
    Fellows or Scholars?: Both

    The Institute of Photonic Sciences (ICFO)

    Contact: Laia Miralles/Manuela Furkert, Human Resources and Education
    BME Specialties: Non-invasive diagnosis, advanced imaging and therapies, advanced multiphoton and fluorescence techniques,
    imaging, nanosurgery, neuro-intensive care monitoring, plasmonic oncology and dermatology.
    Fellows or Scholars?: Both
    Alumni: Johnny Tam

    University CEU San Pablo

    Contact: Abraham Otero Quintana, Biomedical Engineering Coordinator
    BME Specialties: Signal Processing, Analysis of physiological parameters, Telemonitoring/eHealth, image processing,
    Biological algorithms acceleration with GPUs/FPGA
    Fellows or Scholars?: Both

    University of Oviedo
    Contact: Juan Cobo Plana, University Clinic of Dentistry
    BME Specialties: Biomaterials, Regenerative Medicine Research, Transplants and Implants
    Fellows or Scholars?: Both

    Contact: Pilar de la Pena. Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
    BME Specialties: Hormone Receptors and Ion Channels
    Fellows or Scholars?: Both

    Contact: Julia Alvarez Guitierrez, Biomedicine and Health Cluster Manager
    BME Specialties:  The BMH Cluster promotes action in 5 RTD lines at University of Oviedo and
    can help students find hosts in i) Genomics and proteomics related with cancer and ageing,
    ii) Brain development and degeneration, iii) Biomedicine basic research and drug development,
    iv) Regenerative medicine, transplants and implants, v) Food production and food technology.
    Fellows or Scholars?: Both


    EPFL (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne)

    Contact: Melody Schwartz, Associate Professor
    BME Specialties: Bioengineering
    Fellows or Scholars?: Both
    Alum: Karen Dane, Bill Diplas, Brandon Dixon, Adrian Shieh, Susan Thomas, Jennifer Munson, amongst others

    ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich)

    Institute for Biomechanics, D-HEST
    BME Specialties: Bone, Finite Element Analysis, Cement (contact: Benedikt Helgason, Group Head),
    Bone/Cartilage, Micro-CT (contact: Ralph Mueller, Professor),
    Intervertebral dics/Cartilage, Cell (mechano-)biology (contact: Karin Wuertz, Group Head)
    Fellows or Scholars?: Both
    Alum: Katherine August, Marie Godla, Kathleen Koch, Steven Proulx

    Contact: Daniel J. Muller, Professor of Biophysics
    BME Specialties: Bionanotechnology, Cell Adhesion and Mechanics
    Fellows or Scholars?: Both   

    Biozentrum, University of Basel

    Contact: Monika Gessler, Head Scientific Affairs, Biozentrum
    BME Specialties: Cell Biology, Neurobiology, Infection Biology, Muscle Biology, Stem Cell Biology
    and Organogenesis
    Fellows or Scholars?: Both

    Friedrich Miescher Institute for BioMedical Research

    Contact: Oliver Fink, Head of HR
    BME Specialties: Electrophysiology, Optophysiology/Optogenetics, Biomedical optics, Microscopy, Electron microscopy, Automated behavior,
    Programming, Molecular bioology, Engineering of viral tools/synthetic viruses, Molecular sensors, Genetic manipulation.
    Fellows or Scholars?: Both

    University Hospital Basel

    Contact: Ivan Martin, Professor, Head of Tissue Engineering
    BME Specialties: Tissue engineering, specifically bone and cartilaginous tissues
    Fellows or Scholars?: Fellows
    Alum: Devin Bridgen

United ARab emirates

    Khalifa University

    Contact: Tim McGloughlin, Chair and Head of Department
    BME Specialties: Cardiovascular disease, Genetics, Human movement, Tissue engineering and Regeneration,
    Mechanobiology, Physiological signal processing, Aneurysm disease, Biorobotics, and Medical devices.
    Fellows or Scholars?: Both
United Kingdom

    University College London

    Contact: Sergio Bertazzo, Department of Medical Physics & Biomedical
    Engineering BME Specialties: Biomineralization, orthopaedics, bone,
    calcific diseases, cardiac diseases, bioimaging.
    Fellows or Scholars?: Both

    Imperial College, London

     Contact: Nick Jones and Mauricio Barahona, Department of Mathematics
     BME Specialties: Synthetic and Systems Biology, Biomedical Signal Processing, Network analysis,
     Cellular noise and neural processing, Model reduction, Cardio Mathematics, Fluid Phenomena inside tissues
     Fellows or Scholars?: Both

    Contact:  Daniel Elson
    BME Specialties: Surgical imaging, endoscopy, biophotonics
    Fellows or Scholars?: Both
    Alum: Anne Pigula

    Contact: Dr. Simon R Schultz, Department of Bioengineering
    BME Specialties: Neural Engineering
    Fellows or Scholars?: Scholars    Contact: Sandra Shefelbine, Lecturer, Department of Bioengineering
    BME Specialties: Orthopaedic biomechanics
    Fellows or Scholars?: Both

    Contact: Molly Stevens, Professor of Biomedical Materials and Regenerative Medicine & the Research
    Director for Biomedical Material Sciences, Institute of Biomedical Engineering
    BME Specialties: Biomedial materials and regenerative medicine
    Fellows or Scholars?: Both
    Alum: Kristy Cloyd, Rekha Nair, Randall Platt, Mark Rocco, Mark Steedman, Hannah Watkins

    Contact: Prof. Guang-Zhong Yang, Director, The Hamlyn Centre
    BME Specialtie: Medical Robotics, Imaging and Sensor Networks
    Fellows or Scholars?: Both

    Kings College London

    Contact: David Nordsletten, Lecturer and Nicolas Smith, Professor, Department of Bioengineering and
    Imaging Science
    BME Specialties: Computational Biomechanics, Fluids and Cardiovascular Imaging
    Fellows or Scholars?: Both
    Alumni currently faculty at Kings College: David Nordsletten

    Contact: Dr. Eileen Gentleman, Craniofacial Development and Stem Cell Biology
    BME Specialties: Tissue Engineering, regenerative medicine, biomaterials, mechanosensing, stem cells
    Fellows or Scholars?: Both
    Queen`s University of Belfast

    Contact: Professor Fraser Buchanan, School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Biomaterials Research Group
    BME Specialties: Bioresorbable polymers and ceramics, orthopaedic bone cements, tissue scaffolds
    Fellows or Scholars?: Both

    Contact: Dr. Mathini Sellathurai, Institute of Electronics, Communications and Information Technology (ECIT)
    BME Specialties: Wireless and biomedical signal processing
    Fellows or Scholars?: Scholars

    University of Cambridge

    Contact: Daniel Wolpert, Professor
    BME Specialties: Sensorimotor control, engineering
    Fellows or Scholars?: Scholars
    Alum: Alaa Ahmed

    Contact: Karen Lipkow, Cambridge Systems Biology Centre
    BME Specialties: Systems Biology, Interplay of Cellular Architecture and Signalling, Mesoscopic Spatial
    Modelling, Quantitative Microscopy
    Fellows or Scholars?: Both

    University of Salford

    Contact: Dave Howard, Professor and Laurence Kenney, Senior Research Fellow - Centre for Health, Sport
    and Rehabilitation Sciences
    BME Specialties: Gait biomechanics, upper and lower limb prosthetics, functional electrical stimulation
    Fellows or Scholars?: Both
    Alum: Matthew Major

    University of Strathclyde

    Contact: Roberto de la Rica, Lecturer in Bionanotechnology, Department of Pure and Applied Chemistry
    BME Specialties: Bionanotechnology, nanosensors for diagnosis, intracellular nanosensors, nanomaterials
    Fellows or Scholars?: Both

Worldwide (Honduras, Nicaragua, Rwanda and Tanzania)

    EuroScholars, GlobaLinks Learning Abroad (partnered with multiple potential and current hosts in Europe)

    Contact: Carrie Davis, Manager
    BME Specialties: Varies by host institution
    Fellows or Scholars: Both
    Contact Whitaker Program Staff for more information
    Engineering World Health

    Contact: Justin Cooper, BMET Manager, Honduras
    BME Specialties: Medical Devices, healthcare technology management, international training,
    and developing world applications of technology
    Fellows or Scholars?: Both